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What can you purchase at an Paxton medical weed dispensary? Or what can you get in joining an Paxton medical weed club? As a patient, you have many many choices. You’ve never seen such list of medical marijuana product in your whole life – and remember… they are legal!

However, there are things to consider when you are a patient – privacy and security. These reasons are what cannabis patients go for Paxton medical weed delivery services.

Paxton zip codes for medical cannabis delivery include 32538 32567

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To become a Low-THC marijuana patient in Paxton, you must be a resident with proof of residency. Patients, or their legal guardian, need to provide the doctor with written consent.

The Compassionate Medical Cannabis Act of 2014 does NOT allow the administration and possession of medical marijuana by means of smoking. Florida has a legalized cannabis program, which allows patients to receive a Paxton medical marijuana card recommendation from a certified Paxton medical marijuana doctor.