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It’s been a long time coming, but cannabis is finally making its way to cannabis patients in the state. The Sunshine has been trending for the last couple of months as the state is finally approaching to being the next medical marijuana state. As someone interested in knowing about the cannabis law, you may be wondering in what way the medical cannabis can be purchased? We have more information on Hialeah marijuana delivery services, dispensary storefront, and cannabis clubs.

Hialeah zip codes for medical cannabis delivery include 33002 33010 33011 33012 33013 33014 33016 33018 33142 33147

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In order for a cannabis patient to have the protection of the State Marijuana law, qualified individuals must register with the State’s cannabis patient registry and own a valid state-issued Hialeah cannabis identification card. The individual needs to be a patient of the ordering Hialeah cannabis doctor for at least 90 days prior and needs to be diagnosed as having one of the debilitating medical conditions under the Medical Marijuana Program Florida Department of Health.