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Two years ago, lawmakers passed the initial version of the bill to legalize cannabis for medical use. The amendment allows cannabis patients with a severe medical condition to purchase medical cannabis with normal levels of THC instead of Low-THC cannabis. The Hawthorne cannabis dispensary is authorized to dispense medical marijuana and it has made its first Hawthorne cannabis delivery a year ago. Take your first step to becoming a cannabis patient and browse through our site today! Get additional information about the Hawthorne cannabis clubs, organization, and advocacy.

Hawthorne zip codes for medical cannabis delivery include 32640

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How to Get a Hawthorne Medical Marijuana Card

– must have a valid Florida resident ID.
– must be registered in the “Florida Medical Marijuana Use” Registry by their ordering Hawthorne Medical Marijuana physician.
– must submit an application to the Office of Medical Marijuana Use. You can do it online or send your application papers.

Application requirements:

– A fully completed application form
– A copy of your driver license or resident ID all issued by the state
– A check for “Florida Department of Health” worth $75
– A full-face, passport-type 2×2 inch, color ID picture (within 90 days of preceding your application)