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Medical marijuana is a medical product used by qualified cannabis patients for the treatment of pain caused by some medical conditions. Medical marijuana does not include other types such as recreational cannabis.

Due to constraints of the various areas, some medical marijuana patients don’t have access to Coral Springs medical cannabis dispensary storefronts (or even Coral Springs medical cannabis clubs) but must rely solely upon delivery of meds through a Coral Springs medical cannabis delivery service.

Coral Springs zip codes for medical cannabis delivery include 33063 33065 33067 33071 33075 33076 33077 33376

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A Coral Springs medical cannabis card is a personal card verifying that the patient is a state-registered legal medical cannabis patient, and for purposes of the enforcement, medical cannabis cards also identify those patients exempt from civil and criminal penalties, for conduct pursuant to the medical use of cannabis.

To qualify, you have to be a medical cannabis patient of the ordering Coral Springs medical cannabis doctor for at least 3 months prior and needs to be diagnosed as having one of the debilitating medical conditions that are identified in the law.