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Once you’ve gotten through the legal process of obtaining a Coral Gables medical cannabis card, it’s time to get down to legal business. But with a lot of Coral Gables medical cannabis delivery services available (and even more Coral Gables medical cannabis dispensary storefronts and Coral Gables cannabis clubs), which do you choose?

There are cities that dispensaries or retail marijuana establishments are prohibited, however, a medical cannabis dispensary located within designated industrial areas and in conformance with the protected use may apply for a conditional use local permit.

Coral Gables zip codes for medical cannabis delivery include 33124 33133 33134 33143 33144 33146 33156 33158 33206

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Although Florida is now a legal medical cannabis state, you need to have a legal relationship with your Coral Gables medical cannabis doctor to enable early access to medical marijuana with the prescription.